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BBD's Gentlemen

ripp 2.jpg


Ripp, you stud, you. As you can see, he brings a unique element to our breeding program. He is our Mini Bernedoodle. He is a 3rd generation Brook & Bay Puppy weighing in at a whopping 25 pounds. He is very loving -- has the sweetest disposition. He is beautiful tricolor boy.

002 (7).jpg

Jesse James, aka JJ

Mr. JJ has become quite the stud. He loves being with his family. He will play with a ball all day long. He has an endless supply of love. He produces some jet black, phantom and tricolor babies. You will not be disappointed with one of his puppies. If they are anything like their daddy, buy lots of balls to play with. He has a wonderful disposition. He is well mannered, loyal, and submissive.



Archie the Stud!

Meet Archie, our charming Toy Poodle stud! When not on duty at Brook&Bays, he enjoys the good life in Nashville, Tennessee, surrounded by his adoring human parents. 

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