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Hello Gorgeous!

Hello! I absolutely love life. Life is really amazing if you think about it! I like to enjoy the little things in life. For instance, a smile, hug or even the mud.

So, this is myself and my sister! Our names are Diamond & Pearl! We are AKC English Cream Golden Retrievers. We love to fetch ball, swim and spend time with our family!

Our coats are normally white and fluffy!

One rainy afternoon, we both had appointments to go see Doctor Coy and Dr. Emily. Our mom told us we were going to get our Proheart 6 injections to prevent Heartworms! Mosquitoes can give us heartworm disease. It can cause a lot of health issues! So this was an important shot for us to get!

Well, the day of our appointment, it rained, rained and rained. We love rain and mud! My sister talked me into playing in the mud. Boy, we had a blast!

Brook & Bay came to the doggy play yard to load us up! Uh-oh!

They finally forgave us. Usually, all we have to do it look at them and Smile then everything is okay!

Well, we kind of told Rocky to come and play too! Needless to say, we all had to get baths!

Rocky didn't like his bath!

I liked mine!

We made it to our appointment, we got our shot and now all is well! No heartworms for us.

Spring is here and summer is on it's way. If you are over 1 year of age you can get the Proheart too. It does not hurt! I promise!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! We will have a huge announcement at Christmas! So stay tuned!

Have a great weekend. Remember to enjoy the small things in life because one day you will look back and have some great memories.


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