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It was supposed to be!

Hazel, a "Brook and Bay" Matriarch

Ms. Hazel

Raising a family, I have realized that memories are the stories that will hold you together. The times you can reunite and reflect over some of the things that have developed you into the person you are.

Everyone is their own unique soul. Everyone has a story inside-maybe they know who they are supposed to be-maybe they are still trying to figure it out. Life is a journey and one to be shared with those important in your life.

Life was so exciting for Taylor and Samantha. They had just moved in their 1st apartment together. They had started college and wanted two cute little puppies, they named Hazel & Ruby. They would come to the farm for visits and play fetch, run around and wrestle with Julian. They soon became permanent members at our house. We never really thought about breeding them, that is a story for a later time.

So Ms. Hazel is now retired from breeding. She gave is 3 outstanding litters of Goldendoodles. All of which are in wonderful homes in Kentucky, Alabama, Colorado and a few other States. Today is her Retirement Litters Birthday.

When we decided to retire her, we knew we wanted her to have some Human Companionship. She was happy with her Pack, but we knew she could offer someone a lot of Love. We put that thought out of our minds several times...telling ourselves, we will just keep her.

When some things work out they way they are supposed too, your heart develops an inner peace that it will be okay.

I met a wonderful lady that has became a dear friend. She was relocating to Kentucky from Texas. She knew that we retired Hazel and knew of a couple that was wanting a Golden Retriever.

Hazel new owner filled out an application and called me. We talked on the phone for an hour.I knew though our conversation that Hazel was going to be one Happy girl in Texas. It was meant to be!

She lives in Texas with her Human parents and Golden Retreiver brother.

Happy Birthday, to Hazel's Retirement Litter!

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