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The Curious Poodle🐾

Hey guys, it's Oliver here! I have the most amazing thing to tell you. This morning my mom was watering her flowers. So I thought I would go smell the wild flowers by the pond. Let me tell you I found something way better then flowers! Something even better then Mr.Skunk I had the misfortune to meet last summer. Anyway, this extraordinary thing I found looked like a rock! He had a little head and was so still I thought he was sleeping. At this point I was extremely excited to wake him up and say hi. When I barked to introduce myself the strangest thing happend. This creature amongst the flowers did something unimaginable. His head and feet disappeared! Completely gone! I barked some more but he never came out to say hi! He must be really shy, I thought. So I decided to show him how much fun we could have together. I picked him up and ran up the hill. Boy, did I take him on a ride!

We ran around and around! I even threw him in the air like my favorite ball! We were having so much fun together! But sadly my mom made me put him down. He didn't even come out to say bye! Apparently Mr.Rock-or I should say- Mr.Turtle dose not like to play. So I decided to go play with Rocky instead.

So fair warning to all you doodles and poodles out there. Turtles do not like to play. Quite frankly I found Mr.Turtle to be very snobby. - Oliver the Poodle.

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